Weather (2)

It’s sunny now. It’s been sunny for days. It had rained for weeks beforehand and how it’s been weeks without rain. You remember hearing about the hosepipe ban on the news. You see it everywhere. Reminders. Too many reminders that there isn’t any rain at the moment. You never thought you’d miss the rain. You were sick of it when that was all there was for weeks. Now it’s what you long for. Longing for rain. You move closer to the window and look out. It’s sunny: there no clouds in the sky. Normally, a day like this is a good thing. All you want is it to rain. You move from the window and towards the door, opening it and walking outside. It’s sweltering. You walk down the road and through a a small gate which leads onto a field. Often, the grass in the field is wet and you need your boots but it’s not. It’s bone dry and in need for rain. Like everything is. You’ve heard that it hasn’t been this bad in fifty years. Hopefully, it’ll rain soon. You check the weather forecast on you phone and a small smile creeps onto your face. There’s rain tomorrow. Rain for the rest of the week. If it had been any other time, you’d have moaned and grumbled about it. But it’s over. The weeks without rain are over. And you’ve never been this glad for rain before in your life.