Weather (4)

When the rain falls, it’s like a river of water falling from the sky. You stand in the window and stare at it, hypnotised by it. Watching each droplet hit the ground and become absorbed into another massive puddle. The puddles grow the more you watch them and they ripple as each drop hits them. 

You have no idea when the rain is going to end: it’s seems to have been going on forever. You wonder if the rain will end. It’s almost flooded outside but two and a half days of pretty much solid rain will do that. Your sick of the rain. It’s sound was relaxing at first. 

Eventually, it just keeps you awake, standing at the window and watching the rain. Each droplet appears to be entwined with the other for there are too many for each to look individual. You look away but are immediately distracted by the rain pattering against the windows and the roof. 

Your eyes are drawn back to the window and you look outside again. The rain is yet to ease off. You wonder if it’ll ever stop. You wonder if for the rest of your life. By this point, that wouldn’t surprise you. Still, your desperate for this rain to stop. It will. Just, not yet.