Daily Post Responses

My responses to prompts on https://dailypost@wordpress.com.

14th October 2016 – Candle

The flickering flame,

Which lights a small space,

With a gloomy glow,

Of oranges and reds,

And of yellows.

22nd September 2016 – Jump

You can do those small jumps,

When your young and,

You keep your heels together,

You can do the huge jumps,

Where you bend your knees,

And jump really high,

A jump’s a jump,

Love life!

17th September 2016 – Together

A group, a body, a team,

Working together in harmony,

Without conflict or lack of effort,

In any part,

That’s strange for a group,

With all working equally,

Sometimes a few do all the work,

While others just watch,

But these are a team,

These, more than any other,

Are together.

8th September 2016 – Elegant

She floated down the stairs,

Her heavy gown rippled at her feet,

She looked out over the people gathered,

Not showing any feeling,

She appeared serene and calm,

But she hid mountains of nerves,

However, despite it all,

She purely appeared,