Shout On

You cannot let yourself be crushed, 

Nor can you allow anyone, 

To bury your views below societies, 

Especially now, you cannot, 

Only see this as the end, 

Full stop, nothing else to come, 

As soon as we stop shouting, 

We stop being heard, 

And we no longer matter. 

Speak Louder

Speak louder and be heard,

What you have to say,

Is able to make a change,

And keeping your thoughts,

A secret means that,

No-one knows that,

You agree or disagree,

Or think that something,

Is wrong or should,

Be different.
Being quiet makes no difference,

But speaking up can.

Literature And Stuff

Words of books, 

Regarded by society,

To be the best of all,

And those that,

Stand the test,

Of passing time,

And changing tastes,

To still be popular,

Alongside stuff,

Stuff being,

Anything and,

Everything from,

Anytime and,

Anyplace which,

Is all thrown,

Together in,

A random way.


Over and over again,

A cycle that repeats,

Once, twice, thrice

A circle of events,

That constantly rotates,

Without stopping,

Or changing,

What it is,

Already doing.


At night people still rush through,

The city’s busy streets,

And you can still people watch,

Just as well as you could in daytime,

Nighttime doesn’t mean,

A stereotypical STOP where,

Everything comes to a standstill,

From sunset to sunrise,
More often, night is quieter,

But the streets are still busy,

And people are still around,

Stop appears to not exist.


It’s in the past,

The second that,

Has just gone by,

Everything is history,

By the time you’re,

Thinking about what,

Has just happened,

It’s over,

In a flash,

And everything is your,

Memory unless,

You forget,

And then it’s,

Gone forever.


Never to be late,

Is a dream that is held,

Yet rarely fulfilled,

For others go at their pace,

While you attempt yours.
In vain you try,

However time passes,

At its own accord,

So you are not always on time,

And being late is what is,

The consequence of not being on,



Because life gets in the way,

And you run out of time to do all,

The things that you need to.