How I See Life

In life there’ll always be someone,

Who you really disagree with,

Or someone who you wish didn’t exist,

And you just feel like they’re the person,

Who keeps taking over your thoughts,

And you can’t escape your mind,

No matter how hard you try to free,

Yourself from everything you’re in,
People will tell you that everything,

Will be ok or to just think of something,

Else but the worries take over your brain,
You’re trapped in your brain and you,

Feel strangled in worries and fears,

You feel haunted by other things,

That you could have said,

Or could have done,

They’ll still haunt you and take over,

Your head when you’re old and grey,
You’ll still wonder what,

Would have happened if you’d thought,

Completely differently in a situation,

Or agreed with someone else.
You’ll wonder if another person’s,

Thoughts were right and yours wrong,

You’ll wonder and you’ll regret,

You’ll worry and you’ll fret,
People will tell you not to,

You’ll know all to well not to,

Still you do and there’s nothing you can,

Do about what you think in a time,

Or at a place.
Seeing life is different to living life,

Living is doing and seeing is watching,

Agreeing is thinking the same,

Disagreeing is thinking differently,
Yet liking and disliking are different,

You can agree with someone,

And hate them at the same time,

Just like you can like someone,

And disagree with them,
Your opinion matters as does everyone’s,

Whether you agree or not,

Stand up, speak out,

Don’t hide in shadows,

Don’t be crushed, speak out,

You may regret it later,

Now it’s what matters,

As long as it’s not wrong,

But don’t be haunted by,

All the could’ves and would’ves and should’ves,

This is how I see life.


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