Last Night 

Last night they all went out,

Last night they curled their hair,

And put on their newest dress,

All to impress some guy,

Who’s already in a steady relationship,

I just sit there,

Watching them all go,

And try to steal my boyfriend from me,

They don’t know we’re together,

They wouldn’t approve of us,

He’s the captain of the football team,

With trophies and medals for all kinds of sports,

And I’m the girl who hides in the library,

Last night they were unsuccessful,

He wasn’t even there,

They all tried,

And it didn’t work,

It never worked,

Because it wouldn’t work,

It couldn’t work,

And I just smiled,

Knowing that I’d won,

Knowing that,

Last night nothing bad happened,

And I still had a boyfriend,

Who was him.


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