If it hadn’t rained,
If Paris hadn’t been covered with a downpour,
That better suited somewhere else,
I wouldn’t have this story.

Somehow that rain drove everyone away,
It was the kind of rain the swallowed everything,
In its monstrous cloud,
People ran, fled,
Why this rain?
Doesn’t it rain in Paris?

This rain wasn’t only a storm,
It was a warning,
Telling all to flee,
All fled the streets of Paris,
Into buildings, stations,

In minutes the streets were silent,
No one knew what had happened,
Everyone inside or underground,

Did anyone see the streets again?
The are streets were all exactly the same,
Yet shops were empty,
All stock gone,
Was that the warning given?
No one will ever know.

But that was fifty years ago,
Paris went back to normal,
No one believed that tales,
Apart from those who were there,
We all know it,
We saw its,


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